ProteinQure has built the best computational platform for designing small exotic protein therapeutics. ProteinQure combines molecular simulations and machine learning to do the structure-based design of drugs. These physics-based methods make ProteinQure less dependent on large data sets, which are relevant for novel chemical matter and difficult disease targets (such as GPCRs, Ion Channels or intracellular protein-protein interactions).

ProteinQure has three collaborations with top 25 pharma companies and has successfully validated its compounds in their experimental assays. The small proteins it specializes in are one of the fastest growing classes of therapeutics with applications across all major disease indications. ProteinQure focuses on using them as therapeutics and as delivery tools (homing peptides). ProteinQure use its computational platform (as well as wetlab validation) to solve its drug design challenges and is now beginning to develop an internal pipeline.

ProteinQure is not selling software; their partnership model involves upfront fees and milestones. The company is now working on its first assets.

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Date: September 21 - 23, 2022

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Patricia Cosgrove
Area Director
USA: Life Sciences


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