Eomax designs and manufactures Wolf Pack, a lightweight, man portable multi-mission imaging platform that enhances the effectiveness and safety of operators in both military and civilian deployment settings. Wolf Pack combines camera technologies; night vision, thermal imaging, low-light colour, and specialized optical tools, in a unique multi-configuration system architecture. Integrated mesh network capabilities, optimized for tactical operations, enhance Wolf Pack as a stand-alone system or integrated with existing C4 network infrastructure. Wolf Pack’s Military Specification (MIL-SPEC), field-reconfigurable design allows operation in the most challenging environmental conditions both on land and at sea.

Objectives at International Security Expo/International Cyber Expo 2022
Eomax is interested in connecting with companies that are selling to military and law enforcement customers. The companies should be experienced in handling complex sales cycles as well as having a solid understanding of the technical aspects of tactical Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR). We are also interested in connecting with end-users within the areas of tactical operations; border control; prison security; search and rescue; counter-terrorism; personal security; Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD); and Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED).

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Date: September 27 - 28, 2022

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Rita Patlan
Area Director
Europe: Aerospace and Defence, Environmental Technologies and Infrastructure


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