Founded in 1987, Wellmaster is a multi-generation family-owned company. Our 60,000 square-foot production facility is located on nine acres in Tillsonburg, Ontario Canada. With a network of more than 80 distributors and global value chain partners Wellmaster is a reliable partner for groundwater drillers, greenhouse facilities managers, oil and gas engineers, and environmental consultants around the world. Leveraging more than three decades of industry experience, Wellmaster provides products that meet the highest international standards (API, TSSA, CSA) as well as custom solutions to meet specific challenges providing sector differentiation and competitive advantage.

Products and Services

Wellmaster is a leading supplier of high-quality couplings, drive shoes, and weld rings as well as thread and coupled casing for the ground water sector. We have also successfully commercialized the Wellmaster Press X Press; a no-thread, no weld steel casing connection. Our products are used by the ground water sector throughout North American, and around the world.

Differentiation Factor(s)

The Wellmaster Press X Press coupling/casing connection provides a no-thread, no-weld; drop on and start driving steel casing connection. This significantly lowers net cost of casing installation, reducing casing installation time by more than 60% compared to welded connections.

The Wellmaster Press X Press provides a laboratory and field-tested equivalent connection to thread and coupled, and welded casing meeting watertight connection and pull testing requirements. The Press X Press has also proven to be a more resilient connection, and less vulnerable to installation error, equipment failures and adverse conditions at the drill site with field testing reporting increased regulatory compliance and driller health and safety.

Objectives at Green Expo Mexico 2022

The Wellmaster Press X Press provides tremendous value to both well drillers and water regulators providing lower cost, high quality steel casing installations. Our goal is to connect with distributors who service the groundwater sector, as well as agencies and association that promote better drilling practices to prevent aquifer contamination. In addition, we would like to connect with water utilities or other stakeholders who are impact by poorly installed water wells in their region. There may be opportunities to work with water utilities and other stakeholders to develop partnership with local drillers to facilitate the installation of lower cost and higher quality water wells.

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Date: September 6 - 8, 2022

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Maria Fernanda Guzman
Senior International Market Consultant


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