TRIYO is an early-stage SaaS company and is the first to embed APIs in existing applications to orchestrate deep collaboration to scale across applications, departments, enterprises and platforms.

TRIYO activates collaboration at the source of work, in applications such as MS Office Suite, Salesforce, JIRA, etc. without switching context or applications. Users can collaborate from their application of choice and create structured workflows, and track progress and communication of tasks through an auditable history and automated reporting.

Existing collaboration tools are separate from the tools used in carrying out the actual work causing users to learn a new tool in addition to applications they already use. This exacerbates the problem of context switching and fragmented collaboration which negatively impacts productivity and compliance monitoring.


By participating in Collision, we look forward to showcasing the unique product that the TRIYO team has built over the last 3 years. In addition, we are also keen on the networking opportunities with mentors, fellow co-founders, and prospective investors.

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Date: June 20 - 23, 2022


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