Mobii specializes in scalable live video delivery solutions at ultra-low latency speeds. Our media services solutions let anyone deliver time-synchronized video anywhere around the world in speeds that can reach under 1 second in latency. Our flexible delivery workflows can adapt to any existing infrastructure.

We enable perfect frame level synchronization of multiple streaming outputs, where viewers can seamlessly interact with multi-camera content and “direct their own viewing experience” in real-time and without buffering.

Our technology integrates directly into existing cloud environments, leading to direct cost savings of up to 70%, while enabling real-time distributed production workflows to improve efficiency on a global scale.


As Mobii looks to scale its technology and prepare to launch to the Global market, we are seeking to maximize the exposure within Collision to access potential Investors (to support our current Seed round) and business partners who are looking to solve the issues highlighted by the implementation of the Mobii Solutions.

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Date: June 20 - 23, 2022


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