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As a leader in an industry as technically challenging and geographically remote as mining, you need goods and services that are safe, reliable and of the highest quality. In Ontario, a century of mining activity in challenging and sometimes harsh conditions has spawned a sophisticated network of suppliers who have the knowledge that experience brings, the range to serve projects big and small, and the confidence to foster new ideas and innovation.

Top 6 Reasons to choose Ontario mining supply and services suppliers

  1. Experience

    Over its 120-year history, Ontario's mining industry has established a reputation as a leader in productivity and in environmental and safety standards. Our mining equipment and services companies can – and do – solve the toughest challenges anywhere.

  2. Ingenious solutions

    Technology is revolutionizing every stage of the mining process, and thanks to generous R&D tax credits and collaborative R&D programs, Ontario companies are leading the way with cutting-edge products and services that improve working conditions, increase efficiency and lower production costs. Ontario's Ring of Fire base metal camp, in particular, provides an opportunity to develop innovative mining processes for a harsh environment.

  3. Exceptional quality

    A highly skilled workforce, together with exceptional precision manufacturing capabilities, means our companies produce products and processes that meet the most demanding specifications, from above ground remote control systems to the heavy equipment they operate hundreds of metres below the surface.

  4. Superior service

    Whether it's product customization, performance guarantees, customer training or meeting demanding just-in-time delivery schedules, companies worldwide know they can depend on Ontario suppliers to deliver on time and on budget - because they've been doing it successfully for both the domestic and exports markets for more than a century.

  5. Cost advantage

    Overall business costs are lower in Canada than in the U.S., France, Italy, Germany, Australia or Japan according to KPMG's Competitive Alternatives 2014. Plus, Ontario's corporate income tax rates are internationally competitive. Ontario's combined general federal-provincial corporate income tax rate of 26.5 per cent is lower than the average of G8 and G20 countries and lower than the average federal–state CIT rate in the United States.

  6. Concentration of Supply

    About 45 per cent of Canada's suppliers of specialized mining goods and services are based in Ontario. What does this mean for your leading-edge international mining operations? Ontario's is a one-stop shop – we have 900+ innovative mining supply and services companies that can fulfill all of your supply chain needs.