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Top 5 reasons to choose Ontario made life sciences and healthcare products

  1. Leading expertise

    Ontario is a North American centre for both information technology and health sciences. We have the expertise needed to develop high-impact solutions for real-world healthcare challenges.

  2. Top quality

    Life sciences products are developed and manufactured by professionals - researchers, manufacturing technicians, and executives - and ours are best in class. Our products meet the toughest regulatory standards including those developed and set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    Medical devices produced in Ontario must meet ISO 13485 quality management standards before they can be licensed for sale by Health Canada. That's the same rigorous quality standard demanded by regulators in the U.S., Australia and many markets worldwide.

  3. Cost competitive

    Customers worldwide are seeing significant cost-savings by sourcing in Ontario. It's not surprising. Software development and medical device manufacturing costs are lower here than in any G7 nation.

  4. Business in any language

    As one of the most multicultural jurisdictions in the world, Ontario life sciences companies can work with customers in virtually any business language.

  5. Constant innovation

    In Ontario, innovation is fuelled by the cross-fertilization of research strengths in life sciences, nanotechnology, imaging, information technology, advanced materials and related fields. From digital imaging to information management to wireless networks, Ontario firms have a remarkable track record for creating practical innovations. We also have publicly funded research centres such as the Global Centre for eHealth Innovation, the Sunnybrook Centre for Mobile Computing in Mental Health and others across the province that are developing next-generation healthcare technologies.