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Precision meets innovation: Ontario’s aerospace companies

Made-in-Ontario aerospace parts are on-board 80 per cent of all commercial communications satellites ever launched and integrated into the world’s top 10 aircraft programs.

From landing gear systems to flight simulators and beyond

Whatever component you are looking for, chances are you’ll find a supplier in Ontario. Our aerospace firms specialize in wide-ranging products including turboprop aircraft, business jets, satellite components, turbine engines, aerostructures, landing gear systems, avionics, environmental systems and space robotics.

Ontario’s industry includes more than 200 companies, primarily Tier 1 system integrators, Tier 2 suppliers and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) service providers, who generate annual revenues of $5.3 billion and directly employ almost 17,000 people.

Exceptional quality at competitively low prices

Fifteen of the world’s top 25 aerospace companies have key operations in Ontario. The list includes Honeywell, Bombardier, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Airbus Group, L-3 Communications, Safran, United Technologies Corporation and Thales.

There are two important reasons for their presence here: the first is product quality; the second is competitive costs. Among the G7 nations, Canada’s aerospace manufacturing costs are the lowest. In addition, the current exchange rate for the Canadian dollar against many major currencies favours international buyers.

World-class customer service

International customers represent 80 per cent of revenues for most Ontario aero firms, many of which provide customer support and services in a variety of languages, a capability made easier because Ontario is home to some 200 different ethnicities speaking over 150 languages. A recent international survey ranked Canada second only to Finland for customer service and satisfaction.

Trade agreements expedite deliveries

Canada has free trade agreements in place with more than fifteen countries, which makes it easier for international buyers to source from Ontario companies.

For U.S.-based customers, the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program helps make cross-border commercial shipments simpler and subject to fewer delays. For Euro zone buyers, the new Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) eliminates tariffs on all aerospace imports from Canada, and the pending Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), once ratified, will make doing business easier for buyers in the Asia-Pacific market.

Where innovation soars

Ontario aerospace developers have produced a long list of transformative technologies, from the de Havilland Beaver to the Canadarm and RADARSAT-2.

Today, Ontario researchers and engineers are developing new lightweight materials and software solutions that can help international buyers cut fuel costs, increase operating efficiencies and improve customer service.